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Individual and Group Counseling in Chandler​

Deb often says she counsels clients by following their lead.  She means that she listens for what is important—listens for the underpinnings of the client’s concerns. Then both Deb and the client explore what can heal old issues. There is nothing like someone listening intently to you, asking you questions and restating what you said and meant!

“You get me,”  is something she hears clients say with hope as they begin work together.

“If I don’t get it, I keep asking questions until I do.  How can I help you if I don’t get it?”

She wants to understand and help; follow your lead; then walk with you as a fellow traveler on the path while the two of you work together.

A variety of therapeutic processes bring new thoughts, feelings and behaviors to present relationships and with them, greater open-hearted living.

Each client is an individual with unique concerns and needs; a personalized plan is developed to help you move forward in joy and self-compassion.

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